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New video! The story of a Maxis programmer’s unauthorised insertion into a retail product, and how it was the first step into a life of challenging and disrupting power.


I think one reason we have all these nasty little children screaming at devs about 60fps and other half-formed ideas about tech is that a certain wing of the games press tried, from the 1990s onward, to sell them an illusion of expertise in a field that's so vast and complex a casual observer can't help but be dangerously underinformed. And then youtube et al weaponized this ignorance to feed consumer-king outrage.

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I'm a toot
He's a toot
She's a toot
'Cuz we're all toots, yeah

@Mastodon Hey, is it possible to embed small games in toots? I'd love to write one as a fun project.

Feel like I'm about to get real bummed, but does this site allow for embedded games? That'd be rad.

Getting blank canvas syndrome. What do I even START with here?


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