Apps that we use to keep our communications private and secure benefit from contributions from us all.

Please join us in donating to Signal, a secure messaging platform.

Read more and how to donate at The Freedom of the Press Foundation

This is a well written explanation of our culture, and how credit systems are bad .

This is eye opening and well worth a share.

Learn how your online profile can be used to manipulate your future.

isn’t for people that have something bad to hide. We all should live in a world where we can remain private and free of and manipulation.

Originally found via a @techbolt Post.

Thanks, @Tutanota.

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People have differing goals.

We shouldn’t demand that people show us their papers to have a voice here. Everyone should have a voice. All have the right to .

Instead, their actions can be moderated if outside the TOS standards. When others realize this, they will come - just as the migration to happened.

Setup 2FA on your services and use an authenticator app that does not connect to services.

If you turn off automatic image loading in your email client, you minimize your third-party tracking potential.

Still cross-posting on Twitter? Consider closing your account there completely. It may undermine your initiative by staying there as well.

Worried that your mobile phone is pervasively tracking you? Reset it completely, turn off location services always unless you need them for a brief period of time, and use apps that protect your data. Use a trusted browser more.

If you moved to to advocate for better and , also consider using other systems that respect your privacy and .

The right to privacy should be available to all.

Thank you to everyone willing to stand together and fight for it.

'A recent report from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) found that Twitter removed nearly a million tweets and blocked around 100 accounts in India as part of their "country withheld" policy.'

Finally am reading my TL , the major frenzy is over. Now it’s up to us to use this site for effective communication, entire news media Indian & International are talking about our exodus to Mastodon. We have created history guys, don’t leave the momentum

If you’ve posted a link to this survey outside of Mastodon, please feel free to share the link with any comments from those systems.

Response doubling overnight was great to wake up to! Thank you, !

Really great feedback so far on the survey. Thanks to everyone that is sharing and voting! We are going to add the results to our Issues List.

This might be an interesting share to non-federated systems for those that are still on Facebook, Twitter, etc...

Please feel free to share outside of Mastodon.

Who feels like they “have no choice” but to use websites and technology from organizations they do not trust?

Consider your options when deciding on home surveillance. Allowing audio and video recordings to be uploaded to a centralized server can allow intruders (, , , , ) access to your home, circumventing the protection you originally hoped for.


Be part of the solution to end .




We hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable .

Eat some candy, scare a loved one and watch a spooky movie!

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