posted an article about spying on users that we feel brings interesting information to light, as well as misses some obvious points.

The article is at

We feel it's important for people to understand this basic and personal issue: When you share your resume (CV), work history, location information etc on social media - it can be weaponized against you.

Where the attack comes from is only half the story...

Do you experience IT Professionals at work or home that argue against the need for privacy? or that it doesn't really matter?

Tell us about that...

In 1983, Ric Ocasek was talking about people with Creem magazine and how many are "...bored and won't even...get out of their chairs to go look for something to do."

This really caught our eye as being ahead of it's time, and indicative of the problems with .

Don't fall prey to the notion that simple actions are not worth the effort. Own your path.

Thank you for all of the great music, .

Photo: Adanne Osefo

We love . If you want to live in a world with more online, please consider following us @theprivacyfoundation.

We are currently working on our first downloadable "Privacy Basics" wallet-sized guide, and are eager to release it soon.

As always, if you know of a great organization or person to , please offer the suggestion.

owners: Create new conversation points with your clients via the adoption of new initiatives.

Let the public know you value protection of their - even at the meta level (because it is still data).

A good business plan can leverage the power of strong and privacy initiatives.

Better privacy = happier customers.

Can't make it to the LibreOffice Conference 2019? The video from the opening session is already online! Learn about what's new in the LibreOffice project, who's behind it, and our plans for the future:

Question: Would you find benefit in a "Lockdown Preparedness" checklist to mitigate the and personal impact of wallet \ purse \ backpack \ device robbery?

This may seem overwhelming - How do we offset the impact of 100 million always-listening devices?

We can help by educating our friends & family, by sharing news, and working to productively sway people away from culture.

There is nothing too big for us to undertake. We just need to be dedicated to the long-game for the sake of everyone's and .

Most people just want an easy way to find the current weather or play music. They don't realize what the impact is.

We would be wise to look at the bigger impact of the / surveillance model that allows the police to provide warrant-less video access to Ring doorbell .

Amazon has sold (as of 2019) over 100 million Alexa devices.

If Amazon is willing to share unwitting information via the Ring Doorbell, what is to stop them from sharing wide-scale audio as well?

This is potentially a much bigger deal than Ring.

Let your friends know that their always-on devices can be used for no good.

Every we spend time searching for organizations dedicated to .

If you know of any, please feel free to comment here and we will check them out.

Hopefully they are on Mastodon, but even if not, we will take a look!

A child of middle school age was recently discussing their interaction in the classroom regarding social media.

Their points being (in a nutshell): Manipulation, tracking and codependence are the norm for social media sites like , and .

We couldn't agree more.

When we teach people to be understanding of these things, they will teach others.

Never stop.

Do you work for a company, yet utilize your own computer to perform your job?

One way to keep your personal and work from commingling is to isolate your work within a Virtual Machine (VM) such as .

In this case, your personal files would be on the host Operating System and your work is in the guest .

This is especially helpful since employers often have specific software requirements that may interfere with your desire to keep your .

Yesterday was in the US. We took the day off, but want to make sure that we thank everyone that builds our and enhanced and .

It is because of good people like you that we can leverage to achieve better .

It is because of those committed to rebuilding an for everyone without corporate over-reach, that we have alternatives to share.

Please accept our fondest appreciation for pursuing our mutual of love.

@carbontwelve Please add me to Family, Information Technology, Mastodon, Organisations, Privacy, Technology.

Do you find yourself still saying "Just Google it" even though you want an open ?

Branded phrases like this are deeply embedded in our vernacular these days, so don't fret!

Slow down and make a conscious effort to say "Search on the Internet" instead.

We know someone that made a "Google swear jar" and each time they used the G-word in conversation, a dollar went in the jar.

Now THAT is commitment!

+ have created a dragnet network that allows to use anyone's doorbell video footage without notice.

When we don't protect our own privacy, we inadvertently affect the privacy of others.

Maintaining good privacy and practices are like a vaccine against greater damage.

Do you talk to your about maintaining their ?

Please comment with other answers.

conversations are often overwhelming to people outside of the industry.

We may create moments of in-actionable despair in everyday people if we overshare a never-ending stream of reasons that one can never escape privacy intrusions.

These moments reinforce a sense of Privacy Nihilism that keeps people from doing the basic things to keep themselves more and .

Sharing a sense of hope and understanding to our audience is so important for our mission.

* ^ mitigate their privacy invasions.

Sorry, left off a word from that post.

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