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@theprivacyfoundation As a parent, I am concerned about the tools we have nowadays that make family life easer but do not take privacy as a core requirement in their designs.

Right now I am looking into how to engineer AI agents so that they respect privacy (specifically, Contextual Integrity), so that for example a personal assistant (e.g. Alexa) does not get to know everything about our lives just for the sake of e.g. giving reminders to parents.

I don't want to give up my privacy to use AI.

@artificialphilosopher Yes, there are so many things in play with the surveillance of our children - from the philosophical to the practical.

We support treating kids as we expect to be treated online.

We don't want to be tracked.
We don't want someone knowing all of our thoughts.
We don't want someone providing "safety" for us instead of learning it ourselves.

So, we should offer the same to our children.

Please keep us up to date with your engineering goals. Sounds intriguing!

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