What services or companies do you feel most infringe upon your rights? Please add a comment for others...

Really looking forward to sinking our teeth into this entire feed once the poll has been completed.

Thank you to everyone that has completed, commented on and boosted it.

and on the and beyond is clearly important to you!

Thank you to the (100!) and minded folks that gave their opinion on this poll. We are going to read through all the comments and add anything necessary to our Issues List. You are the best community ~


Google is the hardest to avoid, for instance: Google reCaptcha, etc.

@toogley @theprivacyfoundation And what about everything being hosted on Amazon AWS nowadays? Did you try blocking all Amazon IPs? You will be completely disconnected from most parts of the web...

@toogley @theprivacyfoundation But then there is Microsoft Windows being used internally in all kinds of institutions and companies in many western countries. They have access to all that internal data - and who knows how or if they are using it.

@toogley @theprivacyfoundation And Facebook is creeping into people's address books and contacts, storing my credentials even though I don't even own a smartphone.

Wow, I truly can't say, which is worst... All of them are so monstrous.

@toogley @theprivacyfoundation No,Facebook is even worse.I got rid of Google first and I never missed it.I block all requests to Google servers and can still browser the web without any real disadvantages.Sites which use ReCaptcha are annoying but they don't respect my privacy so they aren't worth my time.To be clear,I never had a account directly at Facebook but I was at Whatsapp and Instagram some time ago.I got rid of it but it was awful.You lose so much social contact,even in real life,if you delete them because almost nobody will use any alternative.Sure,it was absolutely correct to delete them and I will never ever use them again but it's unluckily a fact that deleting Facebook has the most negative effect on the life.

@nipos @theprivacyfoundation

I've personally had a good experience explaining everyone of my contacts on whatsapp the alternatives and forcing them to decide if they want to stay in contact with me.

People interested in me (parents, friends, familiy) changed to an alternative.
My parents even use jabber now. :D

@toogley @theprivacyfoundation I use SMS most times because everyone is able to read and write them even if it's not their favorite.But if I don't see people that often,I can lose contact to them and that sucks.

@maximilia Hi - would you mind sharing some issues around Pixelfed that concern you? Thanks for your post!

@theprivacyfoundation it was more of a joke about how pixelfed wanted to be a place, which attracts companies
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