Who feels like they “have no choice” but to use websites and technology from organizations they do not trust?

This might be an interesting share to non-federated systems for those that are still on Facebook, Twitter, etc...

Please feel free to share outside of Mastodon.

Really great feedback so far on the survey. Thanks to everyone that is sharing and voting! We are going to add the results to our Issues List.

If you’ve posted a link to this survey outside of Mastodon, please feel free to share the link with any comments from those systems.

@theprivacyfoundation I'm missing the "I don't because it totally sucks and I care about privacy" option 😕

@nipos that’s a given by not answering ;)

Hoping to identify the different islands that users are on in regard to using untrusted systems. This will aid in identifying potential solutions.

@theprivacyfoundation @nipos If "no" is done by not answering then you can't know what percentage of yes/no answers there were. Everyone in the fediverse may not know of your poll, you have no way to know who saw it, and who mentally checked off "no" vs never saw it.

@jxself @nipos Hi! That is correct, and in this case our goal was not to discern yes/no percentages, but to breakdown the yes into categories.

Thank you for your comment!

@theprivacyfoundation @nipos I see. Since you're looking for categories of reasons the question should really be phrased as "When you feel like you have "no choice" but to use websites and technology from organizations they do not trust, why is that?"

@jxself @nipos Thanks for the input, Jason! We will try to word it better next time.

@theprivacyfoundation 94 votes so far on my Twitter poll, surprisingly different than your results here! Products working better takes the lead.

@jonah Interesting! The singular response option may be playing into it, but audience could be factor as well. Thank you for posting and sharing the stats to date!

@theprivacyfoundation yeah, it's done. 50 more votes, but virtually unchanged from my last update. I wonder if "works better" took the lead because Twitter is a more feature-mature & closed platform, whereas the Mastodon users from your poll might be willing to put up with less features in exchange for a more trustworthy platform 🤷‍♂️

@jonah Thank you for sharing that! There could very well be a perception shift based upon the platform predominantly used by the voter. Still, very interesting results.


Mastodon doesn't support many features like Twitter! :-

1) Create moments (non-existent, useful for collecting tweets).

2) Does not support many languages, such as Arabic is not fully supported

3) Translation not available! Like translating tweets on Twitter

4) Home to follow accounts ==> Bad! Twitter is easy and beautiful.

5) How to publish: Back to Mastdon, then publish, then back to Mastdon for my account page! Annoying!!

6) Sign out of all devices (not present)

Is there options for no, i do not. Or more acuretly. "I feel like they are less functional"?


I think that FOMO has it's counterpart here on privacy minded circles, but instead of feeling left out we tend to shame other people for their software choices.

We're sometimes like vegans shaming vegetarians for not being ethical enough consumers.

But we must face that there is no ethical production or consumption under our current economical circumstances. We should not shame consumers, but demand producers to produce less unethically.

@theprivacyfoundation This means, in software and privacy at least, that users are not to blame for their data and privacy being compromised. It's the fault of big corporations and governments for extracting our data and violating our privacy.

We ought not engage in conflict with other users, because were part of the same team. User consciousness means realizing fighting each other will solve nothing.

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