If you moved to to advocate for better and , also consider using other systems that respect your privacy and .

Worried that your mobile phone is pervasively tracking you? Reset it completely, turn off location services always unless you need them for a brief period of time, and use apps that protect your data. Use a trusted browser more.

Still cross-posting on Twitter? Consider closing your account there completely. It may undermine your initiative by staying there as well.

Setup 2FA on your services and use an authenticator app that does not connect to services.

@theprivacyfoundation the only thing that keeps me from closing and delting my account is potential identity theft the moment my @ handle is free for others to register. I have exactly zero trust that Twitter will prevent this from happening. What do you think?

@steko This is a good point. If your brand or identity is at risk by impersonation, adding a forwarder and keeping (but no longer logging into) your account is possibly the right choice.

@theprivacyfoundation Does conventional authenticator apps share our details?

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