An organized online strike against the products that invade is...

If you chose “a useless idea” please consider adding a comment indicating why in order to help us build our issues list for this project.

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Not fans of arbitrary numbers, but feel a critical mass may be required to pursue something of this nature...

Proposal: if we get 150 people stating that they would be interested in helping, we proceed to the next phase to see if it is truly a viable and helpful project.

How does that sound?

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A strike against products that invade means I can't use my phone (Android) or visit most websites (Google analytics). Maybe something more targeted like convincing people to switch search providers?

@cwdolunt @theprivacyfoundation You can make your smartphone safer and more privacy friendly by ungoogling it and keeping only the open source part of Android.And you can still visit all websites while blocking Google shit using my uBlock Origin list:

@theprivacyfoundation Ya'll misunderstand. I already know about about tracking protection and mobile OS replacements. I'm saying that for a boycott to have any effect on a company that size, you need millions of people, and you can't expect non-tech users to do things like install a custom uBlock list, or risk bricking their phone to install Lineage or Replicant or whatever. You need something very simple and specific.

@theprivacyfoundation it will not do, much better to increase masses education level and create ungoogled alternatives

@theprivacyfoundation A temporary online strike is completely useless against Google as it is primarily an advertising company, therefore it has zero incentive in guarding our data. Google (and Alphabet) deserves nothing less than death as a company, and to do this people will need to abandon Google services entirely, as well as block or circumvent every single Google tracker and advert they come across. It's not an easy task, but only then we will be free of Google's grasp.

@cyberagile @theprivacyfoundation indeed. I think everyone knows it wouldn't be a temporary strike but rather a permanent #boycott. Either way, I've had my boycott on for years and I don't see the end of it.

@theprivacyfoundation I'm not totally sure what I should think about this.Boycotting Google shit is a really good idea.I've been doing so for years and I'll continue with it for years.But a strike typically means only a very short period of time.This won't hurt Google and it won't change anything for the users.And no,Google will never change for good.They even deleted their "Don't be evil" slogan because they are evil and can't hide that anymore.The only solution is to boycott Google permanently and make other people do the same.

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