Noticing Google Analytics being used on a website for open source projects, security blogs / systems or privacy rights organizations...

(Choose all that apply...)

Thank you for all of the survey submissions! Maybe these results can help nudge website owners to use Analytics alternatives.

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The way GA is implemented on 99% of websites does not meet GDPR. Regulators need to get serious about enforcement.

@theprivacyfoundation "does not matter to me" as I use uMatrix which blocks it :)
(Privacy Badger or uBlock Origin may do that as well)

Also "stops me from continuing" as it shows they don't respect me or their own work, so there is no reason I should take them seriously, hence no reason to read any further

@theprivacyfoundation 🤔

I think avoiding g analytics on your personal site or project is an overall good thing. However, I don't think privacy advocacy solely depends on becoming an outsider.

I would consider OK if a privacy org uses, for example, facebook or any other "privacy-problematic" sites or services, including analytics.

We're trying to make this mindset mainstream, and that can't happen if all advocacy happens on secret chats on the TOR network. It's not hypocrisy, it's compromise.

@digitalrights Agreed that analytics at large is not the point here, but Analytics itself.

Matomo and the like are not part of this survey.

Thank you for your comment!

NoScript and uBlock Origin, cookie badger, canvas blocker and chameleon are my allies..

if the website stops working under their fire, i stop using the website.. otherwise it just reduces credibility, in the amount proportional to the openness of the website philosophy...

@theprivacyfoundation Personal opinion: irrational brand hate makes me question legitimacy more than platform choices. Back with facts, not #FUD. I use #Matomo for my projects but I'm not about to tinfoil blame others for using a different solution.

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