Have you discussed with your children, who may be e-learning for the first time, ways to protect their online privacy?

Are you talking with them about password management and best practices?

Do you help them disable location services and unneeded microphone or camera access?

Are they being mindful of videos they post in group chats or apps?

@theprivacyfoundation + can your children come to you if they screw up or get scared, as in do they know you will work with them for their safety rather than judge or berate them? This can't be achieved just by telling them, it's the kind of trust that's built up over years by action, not words. If you at any time gave your children reason to risk their safety rather than get in trouble with you, now is the time to start undoing the damage.

Yes, I did. Because imho it's the only way to get more privacy into the world.

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