This is a regular reminder to help maintain better and data :

- Turn off your cellular connections when you don’t need them
- Keep bluetooth disabled in public
- Disable location services after needing
- Stay away from untrusted wi-fi
- Avoid un-encrypted texting
- Do not use personal info to name your wi-fi, phone & computer
- Use apps, services and browsers that you trust more

- don't post selfies online (especially due to facial recognition)
- don't use anything with a Google logo on it
- Use DuckDickGo (US) or Qwant (EU)
- Avoid Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Insta, it's well marketed spyware.

Also I think that last point "use apps, services and browsers that you trust more" is bad advice because trust can be betrayed.

@FeelTheEpic Thank you for your comment! But we do disagree with that last part, as the entirety of our tech connections are based upon trust variations.

We might trust Mastodon more than Twitter, but that could change at some point.

Or we trust a particular mailing service now because we trust it, but could find a service we trust more later.

The "trust more" is important to mitigate security and privacy risks.

Appreciate your response!

@theprivacyfoundation “turning off cellular connections” seems like bad advice unless you have hardware killswitch. The phone still talks to towers, even with a sim removed.

@fireglow doesn't really need a source, even if you pop a SIM out it will still associate with a tower. Handy because most countries mandate that mobile phones be able to make calls to emergency service numbers and receive emergency alerts regardless of whether or not they have paid service.

@middlepath this doesn't really make sense, why would you think popping the SIM out turns off the radio? It's inconvenient and pointless. Just turn on airplane mode. Airplane mode has to turn off the cell radio for the device to get FCC approval.


@brian @theprivacyfoundation @fireglow Good point. I thought some devices/carriers still allowed emergency calls while in airplane mode. It of course still leaves gps on, but that’s not radio :)

Regarding SIM, I am aware it makes no sense. There is a common believe that if you pop out the sim you are magically untraceable. I just wanted to point out that the phone is still linking up with towers.

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