We've recently seen a number of posts regarding the best ways to keep your music listening private.

The solution is to not use any streaming service.

Buy music in physical form like CD & Vinyl or purchase and download MP3s etc. Place them in your own library via an app.

Whenever possible, buy directly from the artist to increase your financial support level.

Newer cars can accept a hi-capacity USB memory stick so you can bring thousands of songs with you.

@theprivacyfoundation I can't agree more. Also, physical media just sounds waaaay better!


There are a lot of really interesting smaller artists that never put their music up on the big streaming sites. (You need to pay to get your music there, and when you're small, you don't make that money back.)

BandCamp can be great for small artists and fabulous one-being bands. (Not always one-human, as there are a couple felines with albums.)

I also like to check out the artists and labels participating in Netlabel Day every year.

@theprivacyfoundation Hit the thrift store, buy a ton of CDs for nearly nothing and rip them to your computer.

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