Making that respect privacy is important, but if we want everyone from our kids to grandparents to use them, there needs to be a stellar user experience.

Not only does it need to be on-par with "the other" websites that everyone uses, the UX actually needs to be better.

Respect for the user's needs and desires is paramount to gain widespread adoption.

Here's to all the folks that create easy to use, that respects .

@theprivacyfoundation the truth is they're starting to get it and for that I'm truly greatful:) Mastodon is a great example, pixelfed, nextcloud, many linux distros ... it's coming. There really needs to be more beta testing for user experience outside the privacy, opensource community so there's a real chance for alternatives. In many ways things like having a common protocol like activitypub is something proprietary apps can never compete with.

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