instances are confusing and irritating, i have zero interest in learning about them & i chose the biggest one so I wouldn't have to fuck around with it ever again

thanks for coming to my Ted talk

Yelling racial slurs at my computer while playing the Stardew Valley fishing minigame

ME: *a scared baby bird and gods greatest coward* the best time to listen to scary story podcasts is literally minutes before I close my eyes and enter a dreamrealm whose very substance is drawn from my fears and anxieties

Mastodon was down because Eugen's hamster on a wheel that powers the site got tired and he needed to retrieve the backup hamster

people over 30 like to make fun of me for not knowing what things like a "landline telephone" or a "functioning democracy" are

*willy wonka, gesturing at mastodon* come with me, and you'll be, in a world of gender affirmation

twitter was helpful for me immediately after while I was trying to wade through the wreckage of my life

mastadon is what I wish I had, but I'm glad I have now

people go through these seemingly life-ending things everyday without love and support and that should change

everyone should have what I've see on this site for the last week

support and comfort and unconditional friendship

that is what we all need

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openin up lewds on the train in the morning because i, unlike you, am not a coward


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