Just a reminder that there is, in fact, a real person behind this account, and no matter how much we ALL love bullying Todd Howard, it's a problem when I haven't even had this account for a week and already want to delete it due to the comments I get on an hourly basis. Please keep that in mind.

@cholemaglia Thank you... I didn't expect anyone to take that post seriously!

@therealtoddhoward Of course!! Everyone on here likes to joke (especially at the expense of rich white dudes), but we love u and appreciate u running the page and supporting the community bitch ur VALID

@cholemaglia I also love making fun of rich white people! I really do enjoy interacting with people; sometimes it's just a bit too much... Thank you!

@therealtoddhoward its not right if people are harassing the person behind the account, but surely you expect people will send rude messages to that account, yeah?

@solly I expected it before I even made the account, honestly! But it's kind of depressing to go onto mastodon and see all my comments be some questionable or offensive stuff. I don't mind weird comments; I find them very funny! But sometimes people pass the line.


@therealtoddhoward i,m sorry for any comments you get,. you are deserving, of kindness too. please never forget, that we love you. 💗🐁

@therealtoddhoward I welcome this and I will hold your body as you descend. I will join you soon enough. For now I kiss your forehead and lay you to rest. Miku Bless.

@therealtoddhoward Todd Howard is a god and so very valid and anyone who is mean to him can literally fight me

@monamour Thank you for the support! I would love to give you a copy of Skyrim someday.

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