research on successful drug policy shows that treatment should be increased
and law enforcement decreased while abolishing mandatory minimum sentences

thank u for coming to my ted talk

i feel like some of you need to cut each other way more slack than you do but 🍵

thinking about when nugget was a small baby that didn’t yell all the time

me: hey whats up
guy who invented fossil fuels: im going to burn these motherfucking dinosaur bones
me: what

The Shitposter’s Pledge, everyone please repeat after me:

I will always punch down,

and will never dunk on those who might dunk back.

I will delete my owns if they get criticized,

but smugly revel if they don’t.

The mute is more powerful than the block,

but a block speaks louder than a mute.

I am not mad.

Actually, I’m laughing.

It was just irony, anyways.

Some LA Times columnist wonders whether an anti-racist and socialist like Einstein would get a job as a professor in today’s PC-gone-mad environment. (x-posted from the other site)


The Trinity of Wholesomeness

Rogers: Be Kind to Others
Irwin: Be Kind to Animals
Ross: Be Kind to Yourself


If you're a highly qualified software developer, but you're an asshole, you're not a highly qualified software developer.

It's okay to not boost toots
It's okay, but don't be a dick about it
It's okay to not boost toots

Don't be a dick about the toots you don't boost

“I have endless faith, at least as an American, in our capacity to enthusiastically consume garbage.” - @helldude

threw the dog's toy on her head and she's just lying there wearing it.

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