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@Deepsealioness Pls make @Dasbolshevik a moderator. Let him do unto them. Pay back the trolls in their own coin.

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The same will happen in other sectors - Employment, health, housing, law, religious places. Public sector is being killed to deny reservations. In all other social fields there will be segregation, biased treatment to marginalized.

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Feelings when I use :

Twitter :
Stupid gober chhap bhakts trolls all around, Aggressive street fighter type feeling, Anger, Rush, Chaos all around 😬

Mastodon :
Fun, Calm, Peace, High IQ type feel 😉, Educated fraternity, motivation to write meaningful content

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@Deepsealioness Because inditoot refused to moderate hate speech, we have "silenced" them on our end. This means they cannot follow our users automatically, you instead get the choice to approve/reject, for your safety.

Why was Evo Morales overthrown? Bolivia is Lithium rich. He was nationalizing the highly profitable lithium industry and planning to deal directly on the international market.

Lithium is the new oil?


In 1969, Modi’s friend Mahesh Mehta emigrated to New York from Gujarat—where the two shared a mentor and attended the same RSS shakha. Upon arrival, Mehta, an RSS pracharak—fulltime worker—immediately established the first Sangh organisation in the United States. Officially founded in 1970, the VHP of America was the VHP’s first overseas branch.

Asian immigration to the United States was severely restricted before Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

Sangh activists, watched by Advani, demolished the mosque in 1992, setting off communal violence across India.

The same year, Advani decided that the party needed a global presence. So he founded the Overseas Friends of the BJP, to help project “a positive and correct image” and “correct any distortions in the media’s reporting of current events taking place in India.” ... to “indoctrinate” the diaspora “with the BJP ideology.”


In 1993, shortly after the destruction of the Babri Masjid, Murli Manohar Joshi travelled to the United States with 42-year-old Modi who visited several American Sangh activists. One was the Houston-based Ramesh Shah, a friend of Bhutada & Pallod who emigrated from Gujarat in 1970. In Indiana, Modi stayed with Bharat Barai, the physician, who emigrated from Maharashtra in 1974.

On a 2nd trip, in 1997, Modi again stayed with Barai and breakfasted with Amrit Mittal of Illinois...


In case, you've missed it. We were on this big time in twitter.

How the American Sangh built upTulsi Gabbard

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People of , please keep giving shout outs to people who are joining Mastodon!

Our power is in the networks we will form here organically. Before the trolls arrive and do their inorganic trolly BS, we will have a tightly knit group of people who will be prepared to deal with the incoming hate.

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BRAHMINS will always take control of courts.

KSHTRIYA will always control politics.

VISYIA will always control business.

SHUDRA will always IMPLEMENT what above three decides.

By Caste Apartheid concept of Karma

"After we have struggled and got laws enacted for us, the Brahmin will take control of the courts."
- EV Periyar

Golden words by Periyar

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A multi-national Company / or / it's Officers get greedy ....

Farmers / dealers in Maharashtra bear the brunt.

Smashing story by The Morning Context.

And, it's free to read.

And yours truly is also features :

I would urge all of YOU to read it


@prasanna_s @gautambhatia @jamewils @smrutibombay










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