New #DiscGolf bag with a dedicated laptop sleeve! Guess I need some velcro patches for it.

@mike and I who think that the discs are heavy enough.. 😅

@theseal Yeah, definitely heavier, but awesome straps... will only carry a laptop when playing before going to the office :)


@mike sounds like a plan 👍

Judging from your previous toots you seems a little more dedicated then me. The other day I notice in UDisc that it was 700 days since my last round. 😑 pandemic + newborn is not good for the stats

@theseal :( How old is the baby now? I've seen a lot of courses listing "stroller layouts" in udisc.

@mike well she is 3 years old (should have written “newborn”) so a stroller might work but I’m afraid that she wants to pick and carry every stick around the course 😂

@theseal Ah yeah, will probably only work when they sleep most of the time hehe

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