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ONE WEEK TODAY! Until we release our debut album ‘Daggers’. Have you pre ordered your copy yet?

Exclusive. @thesilence will unleash their debut album "Daggers" on January 18th. Download the Kwettr app and listen to a new album track every day! Today's release: 04. Hail The Silence – Looking Glass.

It is almost time to embrace the silence.. Pre-order ± by @thesilence now. Available on January 18th.

Less than 2 WEEKS until our debut album ‘Daggers’ is out. Have you pre ordered your copy yet?

It’s with great pleasure we would like to share our new song ‘Christmas Upon Winter Hill’. Full video here MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄🎄🎄🎄

Did you hear?! BlackBook Media premiered the video for @thesilence' new Temptation single! 📽🔥

Don't forget to pre-order the @thesilence debut album! 😍 The perfect New Year's present to yourself 😃 Release date: January 18th! ➡️➡️

See you back here on Monday for a very special premiere. #‡

We are thrilled to announce that our debut album ‡ is available to Pre Order NOW!!

A HUGE congrats to the whole team over at @BlueMicrophones on winning an EMMY for their amazing Mix-Fi headphones.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @3T !! Touring with Erasure a couple of years ago. The best part was the treasurehunt for vintage synths. What’s your fave vintage synth? . Derek.

@thesilence has given us the single we have been waiting for. "Diamonds in the Snow" is dreamy, euphoric and heavy with analogue synths.

I loved your synth questions on our Hail @thesilence AMA on DM. Diamonds in the Snow prominently features 2 vintage Model D’s a Prophet 10, Moog Source, Prophet 600 and importantly a Korg Delta. All to tape.

Head to our Ello page at 2:30 PST for a Video live.

@thesilence ( @3T and @derekmcnally ) new single ‘ Diamonds in the snow ‘ is out today , featuring a remix by yours truly :) ❤️ this one…

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