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So now that I've an idea of how things work here... what instance should I make my new bear cave in?

Looking for:
Cute & folks to make friends with & talk about:
, specifically
, , and adjacent shenanigans
Shitposting & Being Excellent to Each Other!

Reply if you have an idea where this cave could be!

Just a reminder that since .social is an absolute shithole & seems to believe abusers and rapists over people calling them out, your local trash bear is over at

.social... get your fucking shit together

So a mod just threatened to ban me if I didn't take down a post calling out a known abuser so I'm probably going to migrate when I get home b/c it's clear that .social is not committed to making people feel safe

Yo .social wtf is wrong with you?

Threatening bans for outing abusers?

Yall mods got some fucking problems.

[ME]: *punches terf*

[GARGRON]: "Nice! But also: Imma have to do this *duct tapes mouth shut*"

Hey folks, after seeing the bullshit way .social has handled some high profile assholes I doubt I'll be using this account.

Find me over at @BadViewsBear

I tried to do that thing where you create cute smiley faces on pancakes with a squeeze bottle and WHY DID I THINK I COULD PLAY GOD–

pandas are cute as hell, but they're obviously trying really hard to go extinct and i think we should respect their wishes

Jeezus I come back here and it's all musk memes so uh I'll see yall tomorrow I guess😅😣

Oliver doesn't understand that he is reenacting one of the oldest of memes right now.

The impotency of the law in an age of fascism, 45 Show more

roses r red
violets r blue
when john mccain dies
i’ll go uwu

I think the best part about mastodon is it’s a bunch of strangers sharing a common goal to yell absolute nonsense into a gaping void and demanding that it echo.

if i fave your sadpost that means im here for you but i don't really know what to say

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