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Am I the only person at this #GIFparty? 

Theme: Beauty and/or Silliness Without Context

Yes I find VHS glitching beautiful fight me



Theme: Beauty and/or Silliness Without Context

But kink is all i can think about but I can't talk about it in depth because I'm at work.

But if I'm not thinking about kink I'm being scared of 45 destroying everything but I'm at work in a hugely conservative workplace in a hugely conservative industry so I can't even talk about that.

"If you're at work, why don't you just think about wor--" mastodon.social/media/W3nBVwrp

lewd nintendjokes 

Wife: The Switch controllers are called what?

Me: Joy-Con.

Wife: :thinking:

Wife: :smiling_imp:

Wife: You know what they call them in New Jersey?

Me: please don--

Wife: Joy-coff.

Me: :slight_frown:

Wife: Joyk. Off.

Me: :sweat:

Wife: mastodon.social/media/lZ08dxGn


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