*listening and singing along to the new Lorde album*
🎶It's just a supercut of butts🎶


I've been insanely horny but for gentle romance and I don't know what the word for that is.

Softcore horn?

lewd and pun/referential humor 

"Dirk me gently, holistic detective," he purred.

I have to police myself so I don't spend too much time on masto and get in trouble at dayJob, but it is nice to be back.

*Looks at hellbird*

H*ck that shit

*motors on outta there*

queer erotica/webcomics help, pls boost 

Also, where do you find good written queer erotica? Queer erotic comics/webcomics/prose that are sexy and erotic and explicit without feeling gratuitous or porny/have stories that are about more than just, "When we gon' fuck next?" Are there actually good written queer erotic bundles a la humble bundle or something? I'd even take movie recommendations too.

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queer lewd games help, pls boost 

Like, I want erotic, not porny. If that makes sense. And Otome. But not just visual novels, but don't exclude VN'd from recommendations. Honestly, any kind of media would be appreciated. Sorry for the ramble.

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queer lewd games help, pls boost 

I want lewd games on steam or itch.io or indie tabletop RPGs or whatever, wherever! I want games that feature queer sexual content, are about sex and gender and kink, perhaps even explicit and nudity but aren't gratuitous about it. Like, the Sakura Spirit/Fantasy games are a bit too male gaze-y and gratuitous for me, but The Handmaiden's sex scenes and Analog: A Hate Story's erotica were explicit without feeling gratuitous and were still sexy. Any recommendations?

What new Mastodon users don't know but every time you post you're just trying this place out for a while you have to pay a $ 50 fine.

The billing is arriving via post.

Power exists when recognized
Laws exist when enforced
You can "have power" in title or constitution but if you aren't recognized by others when you try to enforce the paper that gives you power then it's meaningless and nothing happens.

This is how the State works but at also how power and structures in general work. Someone can write down that you "are in charge of X and can fire people" but if you try to fire someone and get just keep coming to work and getting paid then you have no power

blushing catboys with bedroom eyes boost if you agree

blushing catboys with slightly embarrassed but also hungry catboy eYES BOOST IF YOU AGREE

need to buy The Signal From Tolva
but i'm still playing the hell out of XCOM 2 for the rest of my liFE

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