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Hi I’m hoping to find a smaller-ish community where a new voice can be caught and heard. My wife and I both write fiction of the YA fantasy variety. I’m currently working on a project that borrows heavily from fantasy video game dynamics and tropes. Maybe I’ll share some when it’s good enough.

Hey there! My wife and I both love writing. We’re working on the publishing part for her and the actual writing and revising for me. Message me if you’d like to talk

Just finished making “unicorn poop” cupcakes! Look at how awesome they are!! #🦄

It’s been fun getting ready for the wife’s birthday but now it’s time for some sleps 😴

Anyone suffering from wildfire smoke this week: You can make a really cheap air purifier by taping a HEPA filter (from the furnace section of a hardware store) to a box fan:

I made one last summer, and it really helps. And it's cheap enough that you can make several if you need to clean the air in a larger space.

You might want to tape the filter to the back of the fan (instead of the front, as in the video), so it stays better.


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