Ok what’s the deal with new instances and such, they ask as if they ever even use this site

Sports, disability, public speaking 

@Babe I can’t think of anyone I’d be more excited to hear from about this tbh.

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I’m v nervous for my benefits meeting, 1 boost = 1 good luck x

I keep saying I’ll retrain as a therapist but maybe I’ll just start teaching singing again. Amazing how those skills/disciplines cross over.

Period mention 

Sometimes I draw insomnia from the PMS lottery and it’s just fucking awful. Chronic fatigue and chronic pain plus insomnia is hell.

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1 boost = 1 thank you for all the hard work done by our plant friends

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tarot is rigged. they don't even let you bring your own deck to counter their attacks. how are you supposed to win

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not feeling good about myself. boost my toot to make me feel cute

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whinge abt desirability bullshit, ableism 

@pipsuxx I’ve had people ghost me on OKC for mentioning that I use a stick and I’d love to pretend that I laughed it off but tbh I’ve just given up, what’s the point

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whinge abt desirability bullshit 

@pipsuxx can relate. Feel like everyone finds me disgusting now I’m visibly disabled, no idea when people are flirting with me, no idea what I’d do if I did get with something because the idea of actually doing any sex things makes me want to cry

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guys, idolatry is silly! people who do a few amazing things can still suck in ways that drag on communities. just like, be thoughtful about how eugen is a human with flaws

flaws that people who've been on here the last two years are well aware of already. let's be happy he's much better than jack in so many ways without acting like he's a god?

@pipsuxx more upbeat is probably good! Could do with a bit more variety in my musical diet tbh

@pipsuxx lol I’m a total mess rn so right there with you! Thanks for the recs, I will check them out 😊

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