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@pipsuxx if you have any angry/sad electronica recommendations from the last month or so I’d really love to hear them? Loved ZAND’s single if u need an idea of the vibe.

OCD spectrum behaviour 

If I start taking photos with timestamps to reassure myself that I did the thing I compulsively check, is that sensible and healthy or am I indulging my compulsion and damaging myself?

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heyyyyyy ino we all joke about “no horny on main” but can we all consider making sure to CW horny toots because some ppl - like aces/aros - can find them distressing, + I personally go through periods of being uncomfortable seeing ~sex stuff~ as a result of trauma. thx 💜

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The fucking goofuses I hang out with online have got this nonsense jammed in my head so here you go, you can all suffer along with me. Fucksake.

@littlehux I feel like the only person in the world who obsessively disables sound notifications on everything

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@elleha true I guess, Twitter has not historically resolved anything that was an actual problem

Prediction: this will happen as soon as we run out of toot jokes and/or get bored of them

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Hi everyone I’m Deeply Sceptical of everything about this and low-key convinced that everyone will ditch it in 2 weeks like they did with Vero.


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