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there's probably a load of massive bugs in it but I'm not gonna find them unless I road test it so, it's time

I was expecting to release katelabs last week and then delayed it cause I still wasn't happy with it- anyway it was in a pretty good state then, and I've pushed it further today, and cut a lot of stuff in the last few days alone.... anyway, might release it today

playing Dreams reminds me a lot of playing the old Net Yaroze demos on the ps1

I've got quite a backlog of art I haven't put here so I'll try and dripfeed it out as I go

you can post more than one gif on this site? what is this luxury

and I'm working on a level editor called "Katelabs" that lets you "run wild" with the engine that powers most of my recent releases

I know it's common to say "twitter broke with this latest update" and then crawl straight back there, but, good god, this is unbearable. it was a few days ago and I simply didn't accomodate to it

twitter has finally made me give in because the latest update puts daily-mail-grade garbage where the trending topics used to be, and so I'm going to trial using mastodon again in the hope I can do it right this time

(cw: rape, csa) 

Don't buy Indivisible, which came out on switch today, unless you're comfortable playing a game where one of the animators made a pornographic cartoon where a teenage girl is raped

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