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if I could go back in time to talk to my younger self, I'd say: in the future, when you wave a game controller around it counts as an input now

making harry potter shitposts is the only way I can cope with the rowling shit

alright now that the idea of defunding the police is getting normalized i think we should talk about publicly executing all police offers in the town square to shift the overton window again

when I start a game these days I DIVE IN from the start. I get straight into it and know I can change aspects of it later. Not the case here

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so taking this into account, I suppose games have a reputation of being the hardest medium to work in, but maybe this aspect of it is so straightforward that it makes up for many of the hard parts

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I usually work with 3D models so having to finalise maps/characters from the beginning is all new to me. for example, in a game if I decided, half way through, that a character wears glasses now, I can just throw some glasses on em. in a comic you've gotta redraw every single frame

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this comic I'm making is set in britain and I'm doing background tests and there's only so much I can do to make britain look good

wait, there was another splatfest and I missed it? what the fuck

then I can finally stop thinking about them. One's an album I mention occaisionally, one's a comic that I've had in my head since 2013

currently working on a mission I call "no more secrets" where I intend to get my final two (2) secret projects released to the public at last

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