Do you know somebody who is an , engineer, or builder? In the days where the software industry has many great, integrated processes and technologies, the construction industry is stuck in the dark ages. Many use , a proprietary program from Autodesk. Share this link on a list of criticisms, and why we desperately need an open source successor and support.

@thinkMoult A little while ago I spoke to a chap from buildingSMART who is a true believer in open source BIM. Unfortunately, even being a full-time advocate, it's been taking all his time convincing people to use BIM (and IFC) at all. I'm not clever enough with CAD to understand most of your article, but I can at least say that ARCHICAD opens them faster. :)

@tk Our firm uses both ArchiCAD and Revit. The former is being phased out, and has its own set of problems, but from the little I have seen is much more flexible and has better OpenBIM IFC support. It still has far to go.

Revit, on the other hand, is one disappointment after another. The only good thing is that it exposes its API.

I have high hopes for FreeCAD (@yorik), but have not delved too far into it and hear that basic things like linking files doesn't work yet, so it may not scale.

@thinkMoult @yorik That’s cool though, I’d heard good things about FreeCAD in general but didn’t realise it was getting BIM features.

@thinkMoult I am a Civil Engineer and our firm has been stuck to AutoCAD, mostly because I was trying to find a libre alternative if I was going to introduce a change. Last time I checked FreeCad was too concentrated on Mechanical Engineering so I started working on an addon to blender that helps model a simple concrete structure (columns, beams, slabs and footings for the time being) with the goal of making it export stuff to an old codebase of ours that does structural analysis, or Frame3DD.

@thinkMoult also IFC is insanely complicated and all current implementations I tested either use the filetype just to export geometry, or cannot agree on implementation details.

SCIA Engineer for example (proprietary) exports almost nothing meaningful for calculations.

@thinkMoult I contemplated using IFC as the native export type for my little project but I gave up because reading and understanding the spec would have been bigger than the whole project.

@qwazix wait, what? You developed frame3dd? I tried it back in university and liked what I saw! I'd definitely like to relearn it.

AutoCAD is not quite the same as BIM, as I'm sure you know, though :)

@thinkMoult no, no sorry. Frame3DD was one of the options, the other was an old codebase that my dad developed in the 80's and early 90's

@thinkMoult ofc AutoCAD is in no way BIM, I was just echoing the "dark ages" sentiment.

But I didn't want us to take the plunge to Revit because (a) our architects used it and hated it and went back to AutoCAD because they had major issues (they re-did a lot of work, and they are no luddites)
(b) change is hard and I don't want to push for a change now only to change again when I find what I'm looking for.

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