Did you know there's an equivalent to Google Street View? It's called , mapping the world's roads with dashcam images, and uses machine learning & computer vision to improve . It's easy to get started, so check it out and contribute today! All you need is a phone, a car, and a mount.

Recently, Telenav has partnered with Waylens to create customised cams to contribute with. This box just arrived over the weekend :) Happy mapping!

@thinkMoult No longer open source, and was never usable on Android without gapps. Bummer.

@alrs I've installed it from yalp on LineageOS without gapps and no micro g either.

As far as I am aware OSC and telenav are well aware of their remaining proprietary blobs and they are working to remove them.

@thinkMoult not just blobs, if you follow the issue it turns out they stopped publishing source code two releases back.

@alrs @thinkMoult I raised the issue of source code publishing internally. It's not for lack of intent.

@alrs @thinkMoult that is a real bummer! I was about to start contributing but I guess I will hold off.

@paperdigits @thinkMoult also in the GitHub issue: they announce that they are no longer working to remove blobs.

@alrs @paperdigits good find. I will email my contact at telenav to tell them that I am worried about this issue.

@thinkMoult @alrs awesome, thanks for leveraging your contacts at telenav.

We *need* OSM and all its goodness. I use StreetComplete when possible, but OSC is like another level.

@paperdigits @thinkMoult Now I've fallen into the Openstreetview versus Mapillary rabbit hole. Either way, it looks like you want to point the camera sideways instead of forward so you're not just helping autonomous vehicle training for free.

@paperdigits @alrs I've sent an email. I'll let you know when I get a reply.

@paperdigits @alrs I've been asked not to make any promises on their behalf, but I did receive a reply, and I think they are on the right direction.

Yes, I realise that was vague, I'm just being polite.

@thinkMoult good find!

There's also mappilary which is not open source but it's data is CC IIRC

Also check out itowns ( for a point cloud web rendering engine. Unfortunately poont cloud data for cities is still sparse AFAIK.

@qwazix yeah itowns is great. Sydney has open source point cloud lidar scans of the city!

Mapillary is closed, yes :(

@thinkMoult considering dashcams are illegal in germany, we seem to have a quite number of eager contributors here :/

@thinkMoult do you know where I can have a look at the backend code?

@thinkMoult Where can we read more on what's the kit is made of?

@thinkMoult Waiting for the open source version of waterboarding.

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