Happy to announce I have contributed over 75,000 photos to , that's nearly 1,000km of footage. This is the (one of the) equivalents of Google Streetview. This was possible thanks to a Waylens dashcam sponsored by Telenav!

Computer vision and machine learning learns how to recognise street signs and traffic rules from this footage.

Check it out!
If you are still using Google Maps, please check out

@thinkMoult I've been waiting for OpenStreetCam to strip out the proprietary crap and get the app into F-Droid. Can you give more details about the camera?

@shiftee The camera is a Waylens Horizon camera seen here:

Waylens has partnered with Telenav so that this camera has better integration (plug and play) with OSC.

@thinkMoult great work! Ive been using #osmand+ from #fdroid for a while.
Adding new POI and notes. Streetcomplete being another good app as well.

I was wondering how OSM has been doing the Street level pictures.

Just looked up OpenStreetCam and looks like OSC might have Facebook tracking in their app... does it offer Facebook login?

@ticoombs OSC and Mapillary are two such street level pictures / street level photo data extraction attempts.

Both are not 100% FOSS, but of the two, I am siding more with OSC currently.

Keep in mind you do not need to actually use their app. You can use any old dashcam and upload using independent scripts.

@thinkMoult ah didnt realise OSM integrated Mapillary rather than OSC. Interesting.

Thats good to know. Thanks.

@ticoombs @thinkMoult the OSC app offers facebook log-in but also OSM (preferred). We just use it for login.

@ticoombs @thinkMoult Both iD and JOSM OSM editors integrate both Mapillary and OSC by the way.

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