So it is possible, but very annoying to browse and be product on Github with elinks :) Gitlab is marginally better. The best, by far, is gitweb.

Speaking as someone who did full-stack web development ... web developers nowadays have forgotten the meaning of HTML and the HTTP request - response cycle.

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@thinkMoult There are plenty of bad web app developers who are quite knowledgeable about HTTP so I think “forget” doesn't explain it.

Many times I think the explanation is closer to: The app developer wants a native desktop app but then treats the browser as a virtual machine, deliberately subverting the request–response cycle to make a fat client.

@bignose you are absolutely right. It's a whole completely unnecessary abstraction layer!

@thinkMoult I read about and there is also bitbucket. I don't know if they improve something over github/gitlab...

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