@strypey Apart from the commandline browsers, I'm afraid not. Though those only support HTML.

I'd love to see one though!

@alcinnz @strypey

... huh... ok that is actually a massive gap in (uy) "the market"... I wonder if its possible to do right? What else would such a project contain?

@ohyran @strypey The trivial to make one is to fork an existing browser and disable JavaScript, there's still a switch for that behind the scenes.

But if you don't want that code in there at all, I'd estimate it'd be doable for a handful of developers. Though I wouldn't consider it possible to recreate what existing browser engines have evolved into.

I get this from my experience developing a browser UI.


@alcinnz @ohyran @strypey all the CLI browsers do this. Also there's dillo, and links2 with graphical mode. w3m, although CLI, supports inline image rendering.

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