Do you earn more than 32,400USD a year?

If you do, you are the 1%. In my latest article, I give examples of ballpark ecological accounting to determine how you can offset your negative impacts on the world: carbon emissions, animal cruelty, water scarcity, waste management, and loss of biodiversity.

We can change things.

@thinkMoult Wow, that's an amazing article and a lot of work you put into writing it. Thanks for sharing. I'll retoot it.

Awesome concept of net-positive life and effective altruism.

I have been recently getting more and more sensitive with our lifestyle and its footprint for future generations.

I am donating 1.5% of my gross salary to related initiatives and also trying to reduce the resources I consume and especially with the goal of going plastic free and CO2 neutral (not even close yet).

@agoodabad I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm considering adding a list of people who have changed their lifestyles and have some form of measurable claim to the benefit their actions have on the world.

Would you like to be part of that list? Hopefully we can grow a community of measurable altruism and inspire others. I'd love to put down your name, link to your site, and make a short bullet point list of the good things you have committed to (with hard numbers )

@thinkMoult Sure! Sounds like a nice idea. Count me in.

I had not thought until now about measuring the impact of some lifestyle choices, but I guess they can be estimated.

Also, after reading a bit more about effective altruism, I am considering at the moment other options to readjust some of the organizations I'm donating to in 2019.

Thanks for sharing !
We get 100% renewable electricity from a cooperative (
We support Kokopelli ( which preserve and distribute free seeds (FSF for seeds).
I watched a lot of documentation on earthships and it will definitely inspire me in future.
I consider the «ecodatacenter» as clear green washing.
I am not comfortable to give money to big NGO's. I live near Geneva home of lots of them and employees earn far above the 1%…

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