If you're hanging around waiting around a retail strip, use ! Instead of killing time, use the OSMAnd app on to edit the map and add shops, opening times, add descriptions, tag addresses, add websites, add wheelchair accessibility tags... An hour of wandering around during inevitable Christmas layby time can add lots of map data!

That's really cool I didn't know you could add things from the app. I tried adding a coffee shop near me. Does it have to go through an acceptance process? Also is there a way to edit ones already there? One near me says something is under construction but it isn't anymore.

@jesse_m to edit, click actions and click modify POI. If it's your first time editing, go through the online editor tutorial first, and submit a few edits and click the box saying "I want others to review my work" :)

Also, you need to enable the contribution plugin in osmand. There is no review process, your changes are immediate, like for wikipedia :)

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