Go . Go . Add-on v0.0.201115 has been released with 52 new features and fixes. 100% free software to author and document BIM data fully to ISO standards. It's built by the AEC community, for the AEC community. Get it today:

Highlights include improved material and presentation layer support, improved geolocation support, and many more vendor workarounds.

Release notes:

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@jauntywunderkind420 BIM stands for "Building Information Modeling". It is a set of international digital standards on how to assign metadata and relationships to 3D geometry to describe a building. E.g. a cuboid shape may be called a "wall" and belong in a building "Foo".

Nowadays, for the vast majority of medium to large architecture / engineering / infrastructure construction projects, it is a requirement to organise 3D models with this BIM data to aid collaboration between the many players.

really glad I asked that's super good to know.

just one mild take, would love to see game worlds/virtual space start to be modelled with BIM pieces. as in the real so too for the virtual.

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