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Learn more about software and in the AEC industry in the latest BIMVoice podcast! We talk about and the Add-on, as well as and many other community initiatives.

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> If you are unable or unwilling to use GitHub for pull requests, you can e-mail contributions, following the usual git via e-mail contribution workflow, to my e-mail address, which you will find attached to commits I authored.

why don't more projects do this?

or, yknow, just move away from GitHub...

Did you know has a built-in real-time Python interpreter? You can script your models! To import an , it's only one line of code! Go . Go .


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We need your help to make @openstreetmap more Free and Open Source! Join the OSMF FOSS policy committee and help us to identify our tools and support the community to be open.

Connect on IRC ( or write us to

Everybody is welcome!

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Facebook acquires OpenStreetMap partner Mapillary - 

@impiaaa @kyzh

Is it basically this?

1. set up a for-profit company
2. tell everyone it's a "collaborative", "open data" project
3. partner with a non-profit to earn brownie points & attention
4. train up your models and develop your tech based on crowdsourced data you got people to willingly upload
5. sell yourself to Evil Corp for $$$
6. shut down the open API, minimise and hamper any community efforts, maximise profits

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never stops impressing me!
In the area where I live, where there is almost no data on Google Maps (took 2 years for them to put our house on the map), OSM has lots of details, such as ski trails and football fields.

See image, comparing OSM to Google Maps:

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Using #LibreOffice Writer for work for the first time and I adore it, it's so much lighter and more responsive than MS Word without the weird keyboard shortcut bugs that made working with Word on Mac a low-grade nightmare. Autocomplete doesn't work quite the way I'm used to though, I have to type Enter after typing the replaced string which I refuse to believe is the way it's supposed to work, and deleting the newline is very annoying.

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I'd like to take a moment to thank all programmers and contributors to open-source software and various free ressources on the Internet.

You rule. That is all.

For nearly three weeks, the number of recovered cases of COVID has remained constant in . A week ago, the number disappeared altogether from NSW health media releases. Is anybody aware of what happened to this data point?

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Procedural cityscapes creation: Openstreetmap import in Unity and Houdini Engine

(submitted by liotier)

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Wow. I knew Autodesk's business practices were despicable but they've managed to sink even lower in the few years I've stopped following the proprietary CAD field.

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coders and non-coders of the fediverse: what is your **favorite ever** monospaced font?

(boosts? i like monospaced fonts.)

So the entire architecture, engineering, and construction industry literally wrote an open letter complaining about proprietary software and monopolistic behaviour in .

It's time for to step in.

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We need more & better #OpenStreetMap presets for “themed” things. Let's make #OSM *deeper*, *deeper* data.

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I dislike how it's easier to add chains of big brands (e.g. McDonalds) to #OpenStreetMap, rather than types of independent venues. I think we've lost something if #OSM becomes a great map... of chains.


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Why are links to the commit log often so hidden on git forges.

a.k.a. why is not every git forge UI awesome like cgit?

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