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Sigh. I don't know what to say. It's unfortunate.
All I understand is this :

Not all of BJP voters are haters. Many of them can be won over. The institutions are bent, not broken. There will always be a fighting chance and we should not give up.

You may call me ignorant or naive (not innocent - therez no reason to be polite on this) but I refuse to give up. Everyday I fight in my family and college group. Decently though. Try and convince people.

when you’re scared to speak up against your government, that is when you should do it the most.

last night i drunk texted myself what groceries i need to buy today. peak adulting.

i miss being a kid. specially having a dedicated nap time.

someone send me on an all expense paid vacation away from all these people.

strangest human trait? being fascinated by tiddies. i mean it only exists to give milk to the young ones. idek if any other creature is as fascinated with tiddies as humans are.

“when shit hits the fan” is the weirdest phrase ever. i mean why would anyone literally throw shit at the fan irl.

fascists will always try to destroy liberal arts first. free thinkers are the enemy.

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It's interesting to see the kind of creatures the modern consumerism produces and the mass media encourages. Environmentalists who can't live without air conditioning. Farmers leaders who've never spent a day in the farm. Trade unionists who've never gone to factory. This is the why I find radical dalit politics so interesting. They might be uneducated, or immature but they know that the leadership has to come from the shared experience. A Brahmin how can never understand what they go through.

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