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How many of my followers are in...

so the new instance will run glitch-soc, a fork of Mastodon with extra features.

it's tempting to use a viking theme because if anybody causes trouble, it's just the vikings invading again...

traditional Norwegian breakfast that's heavy on bread doesn't really work great for me, even if the bread is high in fibre.

i think i'm going to focus on getting more protein, like a chicken leg. sits in your stomach for longer. i like carbs too much to drop them though.

- bulk surveilling citizens
- largest prison population in the world
- puts you in debt if you're sick
- doesn't pay its workers adequately
- likes to bomb brown people
- manipulates voting districts for political advantage

- taxes you a bit much

currently pursuing the idea of a business that specifically hires people with ADHD, and where a core working method is to work in pairs, a bit like pair programming in the software world, but more generalised, and used throughout the business.

(me, wanting the impossible) so, what's the name of a laidback fedi instance that isn't blocking or being blocked all over the place?

freedom of speech but not freedom of troll, like, i don't care what you think, so long as you're not a dick about it.

i've been self-hosting Pleroma for a while but then the DB was corrupted and i'm too lazy to try to repair it. it was running a bit like trash anyway.

i'm not super picky about Mastodon vs Pleroma but would prefer a fork if it's Mastodon.

How many of my followers are in...

what i am learning about the non-Scandinavian world through covid:

- many citizens don't trust the government's health advice

- many liberal democracies are more authoritarian than i thought

i sometimes get this feeling that there is no such thing as the West anymore. that there is just Scandinavia and the rest of Europe and America is actually in chaos right now.

this gets even funnier if you read it in an annoyed Chinese accent

when the entire marketing and management teams miss one crucial detail

and i suspect he engages with the US right because they gave him a platform, not because he shares all their beliefs. he's the opposite of dogmatic.

i mean, if he's a "controversial right-wing figure" then i'm a controversial right-wing figure too, and i don't believe i am.

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a lot of the stuff Jordan Peterson says is in agreement with conclusions i had already reached independently. i had not paid much attention to him until i came across a video of his today.

the Internet calls him a right-winger, but the vast majority of what he says is either academic consensus or logically deduced from that consensus. he does profess a belief in God, which would make him popular with the US right, but it's not *that* kind of belief.

America: most advanced tech industry

also America: sexist and homophobic af

hotel bar is comfy - music isn't as loud and there is good seating

my brain just invented the term "homeless sexuals" as a mishearing and i don't know what it means but it sounds funny

such a strange feeling to ride public transportation without a face mask again

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