I ate some sriracha peanuts and my poor Minnesota mouth is aflame.

People are asking me a lot of questions about my “Jesus is my copilot and we’re cruising for pussy” trucker hat that are already answered by the hat

Turns out I love Pee-Wee Herman more than I hate Ticketmaster.

Mama Shark has just taken some amazeballs pictures of our cats. I'm jealous of her photography skills!

I'm a pretty big fan of those beyond burgers. What I did at first was buy 2 packages (of 2 burgers), and then a 4-pack of buns. I would eat two in one sitting, and I'd find myself just sick to death of them after the second meal of two.

Being a brain genius, I decided to only eat one in a meal (and have like, other stuff as well), and lordy if that doesn't make a difference. By the time they're all gone, I don't hate myself and them anymore. So like, moderation or whatever is pretty good.

i love the webcomic "questionable content" but i hate that the guy who produces it is hoarding good instance names like butt.church and fart.computer. I wanna be jackofallEves on piss.farm or cum.energy >:(

Just misheard a Sonic Youth lyric as "All your metal is Slime" #dragonquest #slimerancher

Loving that there’s no risk of accidentally faving or boosting something when scrolling

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@emelie also consider to neuter pets.

Our cats e.g. are all from animal shelter and they don't even hand out cats any more without proof that you do this to prevent further multiplying of the problem.

Do vaccinate your kids, but also

Do vaccinate your pets too

Jimmy Wales doing an AMA about his new silo social network on Reddit

I started playing Borderlands 2 over the weekend (I had a copy through PS+ I hadn't touched yet). I was king of looking for a game that gives me the same feeling Diablo 3 or Espgaluda 2 does. While I'm enjoying it a bunch, It doesn't quite scratch the itch of colorful explosions I want.

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