wow, I had forgot I signed up for this.

hey it's mastodon: the thing you go to when twitter is down

I wonder what it feels like to choke the passion out of almost 1,000 people when you cash that 15 million dollar check

condolances to the activision board, who, after making 2.5 billion dollars, couldn't nut

I hate that twitter has become a content cop to the point that I come to masto to vent

the blizzard layoffs fucked me up, that BRAND is synonymous with "good wholesome corporate family" and folks

the illusion has been shattered

anxiety plucked out eyebrow hairs, hello old friend

I'm sad the federated timeline is still hard to follow and essentially not for me. It would be cool to follow a federated timeline of another shard in its entirety.

it's been a while since i've been on the tootsite, how are you fine tooters

oh my god, yes! you can pin search terms now

i'm sad the mastodon icon has changed :(

tech is a gross symbotic relationship with people who want to build cool shit and people who don't want to build things for you

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