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thank you i have completed my outline apologies for the brain vomit but this is basically the best way to section an outline I can imagine

So -- Palmer was outed. Too many failures, need real change. Fight me if you think Nadella isn't doing the lords goddamn work in microsofts turnaround over the last hardware cycle has a hard bias, or isn't paying attention. Once they have a few more years to see what the major players do, you can expect the surface phone to come out and not blow anybody away, but be just enough like windows 10 to set fire to the mobile market.

Every single market that microsoft has gotten into, their culture and relentless, perhaps brutal addiction to honest process improvement -- for everything from phones to tablets to convertible PCs and finally the surface pro and studios, now running on bulletproof windows 10 with actual innovation happening. That's all because of vista and amplified by the violent wet shart that was win 8. But each of those failures? They went back, spent the time and money, and said "never again".

What I think the conversation went like? Azure is a trojan horse, set to play over the last 5 years as a way to get those developers who are busting their asses on macs (again, MS's history == OS's), and builds an ecosystem not only for them, but for _everybody_. Gave it good tools. Windows was finally a first class web developer system. Except for all of the open source. That took more time.

the end result though? Ubuntu embedded into windows 10. Bash on windows -- all the bells.

So what's the world to do? How do you take something that's about platforms that have existed over 20 years figure out in the next 5 that will diversify? You look at what market leaders are doing for that same marketplace. Apart from some expansion into home marketplaces as bundles, microsoft's core business on the operating system side is to have people write software on their software, so their software is more valuable.

But AWS, and heroku are way better, in the future. Oops.

Windows Vista -> 7 -> 8 -> 10 has not been great, right? Professionals -- Engineers who write stuff on our computers for our platforms, they've turned to the web in a big way because we couldn't figure out a good native SDK that wasn't completely proprietary (RIA attempts with MSXL, Silverlight's cancerous reign, everything from "Blend" to win-forms. Pass. You fucked it up! Web won, in a big way. Except for things like games, computers are for the internet, only.

Lets talk about Microsoft's Azure, for just a second. I think we who still use a windows machine for pleasure owe Azure a lot of credit for helping teach their board of directors on down to every line manager in product and development -- Hey buddy; That operating system thing? You screwed it up so badly we're going to farm out -other distros- on the cloud.

Essentially, interpret that as a rhetorical device: The customer has demands we aren't meeting. This is us finding a way to do that now.

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@thock Every user of some standing has a button to ban any other user. However, their own account is banned too. A moderator is informed, and makes a judgement on which account to reinstate.

I want to randomly animate a confirm dialog every single time that shitposter wants to delete a post that was automatically converted into huge impact font 120 point text markov chain tearing that user down post after post

I want to randomly play selected clips from hardcore pornography and every time they post, it'll play a random two second sample at full device volume.

constantly shift the color hue such that it rotates the entire HSV spectrum every few minutes.

open the app and each time it's a different font that works terribly with the application

make the UI icons digbats, at random, at random.

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@thock once you're flagged the client fetches a JS implementation of a really MEAN bot and all interactions henceforth are with the bot

IN the unreliable deliberately glitching UI

oh man, if your account is flagged as a troll or nazi, the app should just vibrate nonstop while you use it

apologies for the swearing dad i'll be better

if you had a method by which you could force the troll into believing their attempts were seeing and summarily ignored, what better way to keep them on their toes and guessing the whole time? /dev/null it and locally store it in their browser or cache. _fuck_ those users.

by the way the hellban is the most significant social deterrent to trolling and shitposting I think yet exists

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