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if you die suddenly in your home, then after a couple days all of your funko pops will start eating your face

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*places carnivorous plant in the airport security tray*

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On my way to my high school reunion and passed a car on fire. This is a bad omen.

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in the words of reel big fish, i think ill have myself a beer

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doing this again because regular maintenance is important

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calmly seasoning an iron skillet

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@MassGovernor@twitter.com Charlie Baker retire bitch

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actually, the creator's name is Dr. Labradoodle

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Labradoodle creator says it's his 'life's regret' bbc.in/2mETIea

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scully and mulder investigating the Piper Maru in season 3 episode 15

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I want to thank Rahm Emanuel for not endorsing me. I don’t want the endorsement of a mayor shutting down schools and firing teachers.

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Pete Buttigieg is Agent Smith if The Matrix was built around LinkedIn. incredible stuff

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in college i made a crisp $100 by running through a maze and i even got some cheese at the end, it shocked me a little but all good👍

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Hands up if you did a bunch of weird medical/psychological tests in exchange for money in college. I had...so many electrodes on my head.

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dog “army crawled” under a bunch of fences today. thinking he’s ready for basic combat training

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