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hm,. So Herman melville can write 600 pages about trying to fuck a whale and he's a "genius"...but when I do it my dad takes my computer away? normal website lmao

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Milkshake Duck is, as a noun, an internet sensation who turns out to be racist.

Milkshake Duck is, as a verb, something conservative politicians are remarkably bad at doing

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🔽9 | 0 -- 11 | *️⃣*️⃣*️⃣ | ⚫⚫|
@thmsbrns@twitter.com strikes out.

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Hey @100sportscars@twitter.com we’re on the same team. Go foals

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🇺🇸 Concord Foals (h)
1. @ubermanofsteel@twitter.com RF
2. @Brett_Merritt@twitter.com 3B
3. @mayormac@twitter.com 2B
4. @zoo_illogical@twitter.com P
5. @100sportscars@twitter.com 1B
6. @orsak_attack@twitter.com LF
7. @smoovemilk@twitter.com CF
8. @spacejerkin@twitter.com SS
9. @thmsbrns@twitter.com C

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Spotted this guy on the train in Tokyo. Asked, “How ‘bout dem O’s?”

Very dryly he responded in a German accent, “Oh. I see. It’s because of the, uh [points at hat]. I just like the duck. I think it’s cool.”

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when i get run over by a car i hope it’s a fuckin sick car

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It’s me! 3 of my poems are up in @CrabFatMagazine@twitter.com including one written in JavaScript and the last (double tap) being the first poem I was ever really proud of! Thank you to @caseyreneelopez@twitter.com for giving them a home! twitter.com/crabfatmagazine/st

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all these billionaires only want to go to space because guillotines need gravity to work

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*job interviewer voice* so take a seat & we’ll be right with you!

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if we're not talking jackie bradley jr i dont wanna talk

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3 years ago i was in @SouthwestReview@twitter.com .. damn time flies

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every girl I know is changing her name from Kitty to Karen and trading their MG for a white Chrysler LeBaron

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