If you're switching over here from Twitter, don't forget to download your Twitter data. There's TWO places in Twitter you should download stuff from.

1. Go to "Settings and privacy" in Twitter
2. Under "Account" scroll all the way down and request a download of your Tweet archive
3. Under "Your Twitter Data" scroll all the way down and start a request for your data

Can take a few hours to be available. :)

@thomasfuchs Did you manage to import the history to Mastodon some way? Seems like the import function only accepts csv from another Mastodon instance.

@thomasfuchs d'oh, I downloaded my data, but not my archive. So now I have 11.5 years of JSON, but no HTML.

@thomasfuchs (and then I deleted everything so there's no way to get the HTML, guess I'll look into json converters)

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