I wrote up some heartfelt words about why I left Twitter:

Please share it if you agree. Thank you.

Alex Jones 

@thomasfuchs What happened with Alex Jones? I keep reading you all about this but I'm not really sure what happened.

Alex Jones 

@xiroux They didn't kick Alex Jones out after he, repeatedly, broke their own rules; with Twitter's CEO dancing around subject in a clear attempt of just getting more press and more "engagement" (aka emotional abuse of their users).

Alex Jones 

@thomasfuchs I googled it before asking but found that his account was suspended. But maybe temporarily? That's why I asked, I didn't understand what side you were on hahaha. Thanks for the answer :):):)

@thomasfuchs Ironically -- or not -- I also just shared that piece on Twitter.

@flugennock Thanks! I think it should be especially shared on Twitter.

Every single person (with exception of trolls) we can persuade to join us here is good for them and for us. :)

@thomasfuchs I'd been plugging Mastodon on Twitter since before it was "cool". Really nice to see so many of my Leftie peeps over there seem to suddenly pull up and move over here like a mass migration -- maybe even a "movement".

@thomasfuchs The ironic thing is that -- if I remember right -- Twitter was originally based on networked text-message technology created for use in mass protests.

(cartoon Jan 2011)

@flugennock It was originally conceived as a sort of business tool for group texting

@thomasfuchs great post. I total get your position. I am going the same way. Mastodon feels mature and ready to go big time. I hope so.

@thomasfuchs And here I was wondering why we got so many new users these last hours. 😅

@thomasfuchs Yeah, that article is pretty good. Points out all the flaws that also keep me from using Twitter a lot. There's just no room for real civil discussion, the comment sections of well-known twitter users almost always spiral down into racial slurs and trolling. I hope that with specialized communities and self-organized mods, this will not happen as much on #mastodon. Let's see :blobthinkingsmirk:

I didn't read your post yet. But (sorry): Why did you post it on though? To me it seems you didn't conclude in a correct emancipatory way practically out of your bad experience. Let's not use commercial close source platforms! Let's develop and use decentral, distributed alternatives!

@nous Watch for Plume, It's the fediverse alternative to the proprietary blog platforms. When it launches, I'm getting my blogs off Google as fast as possible. @thomasfuchs

@thomasfuchs Good read, made slightly less impactful because your bio, visible right after the article, contains two links to twitter accounts... 😬

@teleclimber fair enough, lol. Do have Mastodon accounts for them, actually! @freckle and @pep 😊

@thomasfuchs 'Twitter’s business model boils down to, “convert negative emotions into money”.'

I like that.

@thomasfuchs Back in 2009-10 we had a foreshadowing of Twitter's eventual decay when some of us (including me) were battling those porn spambots I call Britneybots and Dorsey too his sweet old time getting rid of them. I suspect he believed Twitter needed spambots and robot followers just to make a profit. Now we know he believes he needs Nazis. Looks like I might not be long for the Infamous Birdsite either.

@thomasfuchs An addendum: In 2009, I signed on to a site called hoping it would be the open source alternative to Twitter. It wasn't, of course, so I left. Several evolutions later, it looks like its descendant Mastodon is it. I'm sticking around.

@thomasfuchs your post is shortsighted. It seems hyperbolic to say that Twitter is "designed to make people miserable, enraged and feeling terrible".

I agree that there are problems with harassment on Twitter but I can assure you employees aren't sitting there idle counting impressions without concern for user safety. It's a hard problem. There are countless data scientists, sociologists and engineers attempting to solve it... that's why this is a common theme on all social networks.

@thomasfuchs I mostly wrote Twitter off in late 2015, IIRC. It’s hard for me to be angry at a business where I paid nothing and derived value for so long. I’m grateful that it helped me connect with so many people, over almost a decade of use. Like you, the hate and ignorance of so many became intolerable for me. Now, Twitter is nothing more than a way for me to privately-ish message a few people with whom I have otherwise limited contact. Otherwise, Twitter is all but dead to me

@thomasfuchs I never found you on Twitter (I guess the algorithms didn't feel we'd conflict enough for meaningful negative interactions?). Glad I found you here on Mastodon and look forward conversations. I agree with your Medium post.

@thomasfuchs ive been surprised buy the level of cheerful people here. although i have had to ban a BOT already.. sheesh

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