Most money spend on which computer part:
- age 15: graphics card
- age 25: processor and ram
- age 35: 47 different mechanical keyboards

(Fwiw, my favorite keyboard to type on is the IBM Model M SSK, however I get fatigued on it quickly and it’s not compatible with other people in the same room, so my second favorite is blue Kailh low-profile switches.)

@thomasfuchs I still have the clicky IBM-XT kybd which I think was the same as the original PC one. I don't think it'll connect with anything now. Had one from a Compac that was small but had all the keys logically placed. Does Northgate still exist?

@Silversalty not sure about norhgate. If your IBM Model F is in working condition, those are going for $100+ on eBay btw.

@thomasfuchs last year I spent more than $130 just on a set of really nice keycaps

@fraggle that’s about the price of a cheap laptop from dell when they have a sale :)

@fraggle that’s awesome! I’m getting a new keyboard made right now (split ortho), and there’s only black and white caps for the switches I like. I’m seriously considering dyeing some of the white keycaps so I can have a contrasting color.

@thomasfuchs what switches are those? bit surprised since most are Cherry stalk compatible nowadays

@thomasfuchs I read this toot to @Aleen and she laughed, then paused and said, "I am a statistic."

@thomasfuchs I remember the days when you had up to 3 graphic cards in the system. The bundled add on 3D cards including two slot soundboard.

Happy that this is not needed anymore.

@thomasfuchs I guess it's the line of work I'm in, but my demand for main CPUs/ram/storage have trended steadily upward, and in my 30s and later, I got more into scanners, monitors, portable mass storage, CD/DVDROM burners, archival media.

@thomasfuchs No giant-ass screen? That has been my obsession since I was like, 17.

@thomasfuchs hm ,... Ich bin anscheinend noch näher an den 25 als ich dachte ^^ wobei bei mir grad wieder irgendwie Graka kommt 🤔

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