I wonder why Commander Keen never got a modern remake. Maybe because PC gaming these days takes itself way to seriously?

@thomasfuchs these games were absolutely classic. Goodbye Galaxy (? Cant remember the exact title) was my absolute favorite

@thomasfuchs commander keen was good, but (c64) "impossible mission" was better. And if I remember correctly, they were quite alike.

#retrogaming #c64

@thomasfuchs clearly you have forgotten about modern games like Brütal Legend. ;-)

@arjankoole I like some of the Tim Schafer stuff but most of the time his style of storytelling doesn’t click with me. I do like his really early work & Grim Fandango.

@thomasfuchs modern gaming might (possibly) be more immersive but IMHO it’s also less relaxing and enjoyable than games like Commander Keen

@thomasfuchs If the rights remained with id, the IP is Bethesda's now, so hold your breath for a 1st person open world jump & run! Possibly with forced multiplayer!

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