Apple may have switched to Intel in the 2000’s, but did you know they sold PCs you could install literally into your Mac in the 90s?

@thomasfuchs There was a time in the late '90s when Apple allowed companies to make clones. Apple thought they would make low end machines, which were also the low profit devices. But instead the clones were high end and better than Apple's best. Needless to say, clones were quickly banned again.

@thomasfuchs Do you remember the OrangePC cards with x86 CPU’s on the boards?

@thomasfuchs Did you know Commodore sold a PC in the 80s that you could literally plug into the side of your Amiga? Guess what it was called!

@thomasfuchs Later, Commodore also offered 386 PCs on Zorro cards for the big box Amigas.

@thomasfuchs Others offered 486 cards. And PowerPC cards. And cards that added Mac hardware ports so you could hook up your Mac hardware to the emulator you were running.

@thomasfuchs There was even an insane card that combined Mac hardware with a 586 PC.

@thomasfuchs Our school had a brilliant (not) setup at the time, with Atari STs and an x86 addon on the CPU socket with a NEC v30. So you could run Turbo Pascal. Under some CP/M for x86. All the while something like Pure Pascal ran circles around that setup natively on the ST, both in terms of UI and speed. But that wasn't the industry standard.

I think I still have one of those things in one of my STs, but I don't remember the product name.

@galaxis I’ve only ever done Pascal programming on 8-bit machines and on PCs, need to try 16-bit home computer stuff.

As a programmer, I got my start on Turbo Pascal 2.0 on 8088 PC.

I guess technically that’s a 16-bit machine, tho in reality it was more like 8-bit with some extras.

@thomasfuchs did not know this one and have been following Apple news for 20+ years.

@thomasfuchs was necessary to win contracts/RFP's that specified "must be able to run IBM DOS"
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