@thomasfuchs not that I don't lovr it, but it looks like the most boring computer possible XD

@Efi itโ€™s amazing, it had MCGA graphics, ahead of what 8bit and even Amiga offered of the time (1987), Plus the best keyboard ever made (Model M)

@tvdv It has audio out forโ€ฆ the PC speaker. In the form of a 1/4โ€ connector. Sort of not taking itself seriously there.

@tvdv but it also has two 8bit ISA slots, which is great as you can add a sound card. Together with the built in MCGA graphics (320x200 with 256 colors) itโ€™s a real neat early PC.


My first non-Commodore PC was a used PS/2 Model 55 (SX, I think?) I picked up back in '95/'96.

@thomasfuchs I bet a space-saving Model M would go so well with that machine! ๐Ÿ˜

@thomasfuchs I had one of these with a 720 KB floppy drive!

I learned to program HTML in EDIT.COM on one, actually! lol

@thomasfuchs Memories! We had a bunch in high school, but they had dual 720k floppy drives. iirc this was the only PS/2 model that took ISA cards.

@Mycroft yes, has two 8-bit ISA slots, for example for a hard disk controller (hard disk can go in place of one of the disk drives) and a sound card.

@Mycroft another popular card at the time was a real-time clock perhaps in combination with a extra I/O ports

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