What a social network is for:
- See interesting stuff from friends and people that interest you
- Cute animal photo of the day
- Feel a positive human connection

What it ain’t for:
- Witch hunts
- Make up bullshit about strangers you never met
- Brand engagement

@thomasfuchs The “it ain’t for” part is basically what and few others mastodon have been doing for a year and a half now…

@thomasfuchs +1 except for brand engagement which is IMO an edge case. There are just some brands that do it very well and are not annoying. It’s very hard, though.

@thomasfuchs I have nothing against brands if I can see only the brands which I choose to follow.

I have used birdsite multiple times to contact ISP support, read news from company releases, check vendor service status etc.

Brands aren't inherently bad, advertising might be, tracking is and flooding your timeline with useless crap you can't get rid of surely is.

@thomasfuchs also what it ain't for

- becoming an evil version of yourself because somebody was wrong

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