With all the hype about mechanical keyboards, why aren’t mechanical computer mouses a thing? Like with metal balls, artisanal wheel pickups, clicky buttons, etc.

Mice with mechanical balls were annoying AF when dust got inside. As for the clicks, I got RSI due to heavy mouse usage.

@thomasfuchs those metal ball ps2 mouses would outlast good ol' atomic bombs.

@thomasfuchs It had no "artisanal" parts as such, but I think the original Mac mouse probably came closest to that.

@thomasfuchs I think of mechanical keyboards as a grassroots makers thing and mice seem harder to make. is it even possible to buy the individual laser scanner components used for tracking?

@fraggle @thomasfuchs I guess you could buy old mice on ebay by the boxload and take out the laser scanners.

@thomasfuchs Honestly this sounds a whole lot like some trackball holdout enthusiasts I know

@thomasfuchs I would love to find a mouse with stiff clicky switches for the buttons. I have hand tremors and I click when I don't intend to far too often.

@thomasfuchs I’ve heard of precision ball mice being a thing

@thomasfuchs Because, unlike the keyboards, we remember the mechanical mice as being a PITA to keep working?

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