Protip for Chrome users: to improve your security when using Google Chrome, uninstall it and use a browser that’s not from a company which makes its money from spying on you 24/7

(Btw, it doesn’t matter if it’s “cool nerds just like me” and “amazing algorithms” and “open platforms” who do the spying on you)

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@thomasfuchs My recommendation is either Safari (tons of innovative privacy features, not financially dependent on Google), or if that’s not an option for whatever reason, Firefox.

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@nickd One way to a maze is:

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

(on the C64)

@thomasfuchs hahaha, that is fair. i’ve been read that book. i suppose i’m too caught up in dark-timeline dystopia right now to remember the mathematical beauty in it all

Firefox focus is pretty great, anti tracking and no browser history

Thanks for the info do you have a better browser you recommend

@Shamar @aikage @thomasfuchs Would a text based browser running in termux on Android be an answer to using a 'safe' browser in Android?

@Shamar @aikage @thomasfuchs
Just a note – Firefox on Android allows you to disable JavaScript in the same ways you would on desktop (either in about:config or through an extension).

@Shamar @gcupc @aikage @thomasfuchs it's not that hard to keep in mind.

It's just that many people don't even see the point. Or, like in my case, see the point, but aren't overly concerned about the spying because the convenience it all brings is too sweet.

When there's something easier to use than browsers and JavaScript, people will switch to that. Otherwise it's a lost battle before it even starts.

@Shamar @gcupc @aikage @thomasfuchs could be. I wish it wasn't. There's stuff in the world out there like the banking crash 10 years ago that cost a bunch of money. Most of that money shelled out by us common folk who had nothing to do with it all. Who got jailed? That one dude in Island. What regulatory changes protects us from further speculations with our money like that? Nothing relevant. How many of us paying for it give a damn?

Compared to that, #JS is irrelevant. Nobody cares is what I'm saying.

Bromite (a fork of chromium on Android with mitigation and removal of Google stuff has a box for js on the main menu) or privacy browser (on f-droid). Are good alternative to firefox
@gcupc @aikage @thomasfuchs

@thomasfuchs I’ve been using the Duck Duck Go browser and Safari, depending on the purpose. The DDG browser allows you to quickly see what’s going on behind the scenes.

@thomasfuchs I'm using Firefox and SeaMonkey -- Firefox for the pages that break in SeaMonkey, and vice versa.

Safari, bah. No ad blockers, Flash blockers or JavaScript blockers available, and I can't import my bookmarks from Firefox.

@thomasfuchs Thanks for the update. I've tried Safari now and then, wasn't real crazy about it, and went back to Firefox.

@thomasfuchs I use Safari for sensitive stuff (things I don’t want Google to know about) and sadly Chrome for everything else. I find Safari too slow for general use, but perhaps it works better on new hardware.

@thomasfuchs I've actually been trying this again since I got back a week ago, but it's been a bit meh so far. I've been keeping a list of findings:

@thomasfuchs I've been using DuckDuckGo and don't miss the goog at all

@thomasfuchs "if that’s not an option for whatever"
Oh, that was funny, considering you imply that this is unlikely though this browser only runs on one OS… 😆

@thomasfuchs Both provide a significantly worse security track record. Why not Chromium instead? Unlike Chrome, it’s open source - and the tracking stuff is not part of the open source release.

@thomasfuchs Also, Firefox is doing more tracking by default than Chrome these days 😒. They’re even selling your browsing history. At least, Chrome is not doing that if you didn’t sign it into a Google account.

@js @thomasfuchs I work at mozilla, though I'm not up on everything we're doing. I know of one opt-in Test Pilot experiment with a partner that involves sending history to a server, but as far as i know we're not *selling* any history data

@lmorchard @thomasfuchs Is it not selling it when giving it to a “partner”? I’m guessing you are at least getting money for ruining your reputation to care about privacy, right?

@js @thomasfuchs as far as i understand, there's no selling involved. I might be wrong. Definitely not for anyone who hasn't explicitly turned on the experiment. From what i know of the experiment, it's just trying to see if users find recommendations based on history useful

@lmorchard @thomasfuchs I’m sorry, but then someone at your company made a very dumb decision. Why ruin your reputation if you get nothing in return? Stop the experiment now to try to rescue whatever of your reputation is left at this point. Please become the old Mozilla again that cared for users and their privacy! It used to be privacy by default at Mozilla. These days I need to disable fewer things in Chrome than in Firefox.

@js @thomasfuchs i guess I don't understand what you mean. This history thing is an experiment you have to install before any history data goes out

@lmorchard @thomasfuchs For now. What guarantees do I get it stays this way and doesn’t suddenly get turned on like other things were before?

@js @thomasfuchs well, I can't predict the future, but i can say leadership gets an earful from mozillians when things like that happen and they seem to be happening less

@lmorchard @thomasfuchs That‘s not very trust inspiring. I don’t want this to happen less - I want this to not happen at all! People are used to expect better from Mozilla.

@js @thomasfuchs i guess what I'm saying is *we* expect better as mozillians and it feels like it's happening. Like no nefarious deals to sell out users i know about, and what i hear from leadership is the opposite.

@js @thomasfuchs and i guess when i say "happen less" i mean we're failible and make missteps but as far as i know the direction is not to monetize users through surveillance

@js @thomasfuchs i *think* this is what you're talking about. Doesn't do anything unless you turn it on to participate

@lmorchard @thomasfuchs Yes, this one. And then there was the ads based on your interests (derived from history) on the new tab page for a while, IIRC. Not sure if it’s still there, but I definitely got it at some point - and uninstalled Firefox.

@js @thomasfuchs yeah, i think we backed out the ads thing. And part of why test pilot is a thing now

@js @thomasfuchs what was interesting about the ads thing, though, is history data didn't get shipped anywhere. A blind selection of promos were sent to firefox and client side code made private decisions on what to display

@lmorchard @thomasfuchs And yes, I was referring to that. It’s an experiment now, but that‘s already crossing a line. And experiments usually turn into production at some point.

I‘m personally really sad about this. Mozilla used to care about privacy, but with all the latest stuff, it feels like Mozilla sold out.

@js @thomasfuchs My question is: what about browsers like Vivaldi or Opera? They're based on Chromium of course, but what about security on them?

@Vetra @thomasfuchs AFAIK they’re both closed source? In that case, avoid.

@thomasfuchs Does your pro tip not increase privacy rather than security?

@thomasfuchs I want to say you mean privacy, but I just had a very close call due to the hacked Mega chrome extension. maybe I will try Firefox or something

History repeats itself fighting against emergent technologies and way of life. We were being spied by the govt, then portfolioed by the police, then by marketing for companies, now Google Facebook, Apple, etc are doing a more advance marketing tactics were they track everyone they can whether you like it or not. Yes our privacy is important. But when Google use your info aggregated for marketing purposes I don't see it as spying.

I agree with most of it. But let's not forget that website is VPN propaganda too. So they benefit from the privacy paranoia.

i find they impartial with all vpn services available.

Other companies has more invasive approach with more vulnerability for your info to be identified individually. The likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo and your ISP has been proven to be much more intrusive than Google, or Apple.

Like which one ? Since Mozilla make all DNS request go through private company for our own safety in Mozilla ...

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